Research and UN Structures- Workshop Series Update!

By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

(Above image of Bianca Zanella, Official NMUN Network Manager for the 2016 NYC conference at the United Nations Headquarters and team)

This past week the third workshop in my Social and Academic Workshop Series took place. This workshop was led by previous head delegate and GMC’s current Sustainability Outreach Coordinator Bianca Zanella and GMC librarian Rachel Pusateri. The workshop centered on deconstructing the construction of the United Nations and each of their structures within the US as well as internationally.

Bianca discussed the history, goals, systems charts, main structural bodies, committees, and how to seek jobs within the United Nations. After, Rachel helped instruct on how best to navigate the United Nations structures in ones research and where to accurately pursue information within these areas. Three outside club members were in attendance: one freshman, one senior, and one professor. 

This workshop marked the halfway mark of this series, with three left to come in Negotiation, Policy Writing, and Public Speaking. Sitting and taking a moment to reflect, I feel full of awe that we’re already halfway through and somewhat nearing the end of this current semester, but also very excited for what is to come. Happy Thursday, everyone!


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