We can do It! In the Dark.

          By: Jenna Ring

This week Green Mountain College students are doing it in the dark! And by that I mean The Sustainability Office on campus is hosting a week wide event. The idea is to cut down our use of electricity and also save energy. Do it in the Dark is a great thing to have on campus for a few reasons. Not only is it a sustainable act on campus, it is also a motivation for people on campus to get involved in other sustainable behaviors. Such as the Clean Plate Innovative.  In honor of Do it in the Dark week, some students have gotten together to try to reduce the amount of waste in the dining hall. The goal for the next two weeks is to lower our amount of waste in the dining hall by 25%. The ultimate goal is that they would like to see waste reduced up to 50% by the end of this semester.


            If you’re feeling smooshed up in your dorm room or are just looking to sleep outside, this must be a particularly good week for you. Many students are pitching tents and sleeping on the farm this week. As a part of Do it in the Dark. As of now Cree is in the lead with 15.88% energy reduction. And North is a close second place with 14.94%. Sage is in last place with a -1.63% of energy reduction.  Do it in the Dark is an event many students look forward to each fall. Though I do enjoy falling down dark staircases and occasionally walking into walls. I am eager to see Do it in the Dark. To find out which resident hall had the largest energy consumption. Though we don’t yet know who the winner is we do know that they’ll be rewarded with a pizza party.


Happy weekend everybody! 


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