Negotiation Workshop – Series Update #4!

By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

Last monday, GMC Senior and previous NMUN Head Delegate Allan Coutinho led a workshop on negotiation tactics within both life and debate. 

Allan creatively designed an exercise based on fictional countries that were in conflict with each other and then assigned everyone in the room to three separate countries. 

Each team was given half an hour to work together and come to a compromise with their prompts and move forward cohesively after negotiating with one another. 

This workshop held more outside club members than ever before, with a whopping eight participants! Each group immediately got down to business and began discussing their strategy. 

Earlier in the workshop, Allan gave a powerpoint discussing negotiation overall. Allan stated that, “Traditional negotiation is a theory predicated on the assumption that human beings are rational actors who act in calculated ways designed to maximize their self-interest.” 

He addressed certain things like reservation points, deal points, bargain zones, and the overall negotiation dance that connects everything. We discussed things like the difference between competing and compromising, common ground experiences, win-win strategies and the overall way to get your negotiation opponent to say “yes”. Overall, an amazing experience. Only two workshops left! Don’t forget to join tomorrow night’s workshop in Terrace at 8pm on Policy Writing!


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