The Sumi Ink Project



By; Jenna Ring    


Over the past month The Experimental Drawing art class at Green Mountain College, has been participating in the Sumi Ink Project. The Sumi Ink Club was established in 2005 in Los Angeles, California. The intent is to open up large spaces to the public where people can come art. Essentially it is a way to connect people through art. There is no specific location this has to happen, it can be anywhere.  The area which this took place at GMC was in Surdam, our art building. However it was done a little bit differently than the project is usually preformed.

This time around students from the experimental class filled all four walls of the surdam gallery with large white paper. They then had to fill each wall with different ink drawings and doodles. For homework the students had to bring in other people from the community and have them paint on the walls too. Then on Friday night after John Greco’s show in the Feick Gallery. People were told to go over to Surdam Gallery. They were then given markers were they could color in or add to any ink images they wished to. The turn out was really awesome and, it was great to add some color to the white walls!



Happy Monday everyone! 


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