Small Town, Big Story: The Laramie Project

By: Jenna Ring

 Green Mountain College’s theatre department put on The Laramie Project, this past weekend.  The Laramie Project is a true story about an awful and unimaginable hate crime that took place in Laramie, Wyoming in 1998.  Member of the Tectonic Theatre Project, of New York City, put the play together.  The play is constructed of real interviews put together over time. There are sixty different characters in the play. This time around they we’re played by ten different actors. Matthew Shepard was a student at The University Wyoming who was brutally beaten and murdered because of his sexuality.  The students of Green Mountain College who acted and participated in the show did an incredible job. It was my first time seeing The Laramie Project and personally I was really pleased with what I saw. I laughed and I cried the whole way through, sometimes even at the same time!

            I think bringing the Laramie Project to our community was incredibly beneficial Not only to share a story that needs to be heard. But also to voice the fact that just because some people feel as though they don’t see it frequently. Homophobia is real. It has been real and it was alive seventeen years ago. And unfortunately it still lives on today. Not just homophobia but other things that have evolved into social oppressions.

Which hate crimes still happen over today.  With that being said I hope to see more shows brought to our school on topics like this.  I commend the actors at Green Mountain College for putting on such a wonderful and respectful performance.


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