Policy Writing! Workshop Series Update #5

By Seraphina Mallon-Breiman

This past Monday was the 5th workshop in my Delicate Balance ‘Social and Academic Workshop Series’: centering on understanding how to write policy and led by GMC senior Salima Mohamadou and GMC administrator Bianca Zanella. 

 This workshop centered around being able to write a policy and resolution that works- and understanding all sides in relation to these experiences. Salima and Bianca have both been previous MUN Head Delegates and have great experience in writing and submitting policy work in their fields.

They defined what policy is, explained resolution as a type of policy, broke down the understanding of resolutions into three parts, led an exercise to practice policy writing in pairs as well as incorporting the use and importance of diction within the process overall.

For the readers of this article, ‘Policy’ was defined as “The basic systems of principles by which a government / individual / business is guided.” It’s purpose being to provide standardization and help establish boundaries for the public good by outlining rules, setting rules and responsibilities, reflecting values and beliefs and stating an intention to do something. 

After further advising on how to draft and design a policy or proposal, Salima and Bianca used an example applicable to the GMC community in order to practice. They had each participant split into groups and practice writing a policy referencing the Green Mountain College streaking team and enacting regulations on their practices. 

It was an awesome workshop, I feel so greatful for both women who came to bestow their knoweledge upon all workshop participants. I highly encourage everyone to come out this coming Monday for our very last workshop on Public Speaking, led by Professor Bill Throop and Res Life Director Luke Krueger !


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