Sustainability Story Carl Diethelm

By Anne Tuthill

This is the first video in a series called “Student Sustainability Series”. It is a video that highlights a student at GMC that has done a lot towards sustainability in their own lives, or in the community.

Carl Diethelm is a sophomore at Green Mountain College, studying REED. Around campus, he is known as “Compost Carl” because of his love for..well, compost. He has a passion for food waste and food justice, and he is starting here at GMC to make change.This past week he and his fellow work study students issued a challenge to the student body: reduce our post consumer food waste from 800 lbs in a week to 600 lbs.

And if this goal was met Carl and the Compost Peeps (band name idea if they are interested) would get a bucket each of compost dumped on their heads. Sure enough, that incentive was enough to rally everyone to meet this goal.

This project is just one way Carl is working to raise awareness about food waste in our community. Next semester, he is going to work with Chartwells to distribute the food they can’t serve to us, to the people of Poultney who need it. His genuine love and passion for helping others and building community is truely amazing. So enjoy this video, and be sure to chat with Carl if you want to help with his project next semester!


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