Trans Wellness Day & the Non-Binary panel


          By: Jenna Ring


   Last Wednesday on campus two Green Mountain students Lou Woodly and Jesse Winings, hosted a student run panel on the gender spectrum and non-binary gender. The panel was incredibly informative and hosted tons of information. Ranging from statistics on Trans violence, the idea of gender being a spectrum, why it’s import to recognize everyone’s pronouns and, many other though provoking ideas.  There was pretty large turnout of students and even some facility. It’s always nice to see community come alive, and have facility and students interact outside of class. The panel was a great opportunity to educate students about Tran’s issues and introduce them to Trans Wellness Day. An event that happened a few days this later.

                This past Saturday Activism Club and the Coalition for Students of Color hosted Trans Wellness day. Trans Wellness day was a wonderful event that brought in awesome speakers such as Toni Maviki. Student’s held presentations such as “Intersectionality of Trans Issues and Racism” and “Non Binary identities and Neo pronouns”.  Events like these are really important for a place like Green Mountain. Not only does it bring students together it also spread awareness. Along with giving people a voice that isn’t always as heard as it should be and broadening peoples understanding of these issues. 


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