New Blog Contributer

My name is Jimmy Dollard and I am a part of the social media team here at
Green Mountain College. I came to GMC as a freshman
last semester. I am originally from New Jersey but have been all around the
country in my high school years. The last two years I have attended a school called Rock Point School in Burlington, VT. I really like Vermont and all the natural environments it has to offer. I also appreciate the
general kindness and how grounded people seem in Vermont. I chose GMC
because of how small and personalized it seemed. I chose It it because of
how outdoorsy it seemed. I also really like small Vermont towns. I thought
hopefully it would provide me with many opportunities to further myself and find out who I really would like to be.
In high school I became really interested in photography and videography
and decided that it was something that I want to pursue mainly as a hobby
for the rest of my life. So from a summer job I bought myself a mid-range
DSLR off craigslist and decided to advertise myself as an amateur/
professional photographer in Burlington, VT. I had no formal education on
this subject, but confidence is key. I shot different races, weddings, family
portraits and senior portraits. I made myself a website and business kind
of took off. I believe this experience has helped me achieve this
opportunity to work for GMC.
I am a sustainable agriculture major with a minor in philosophy. Maybe
this will change but for now It is what I am interested in. I am interested
in being completely self-sustainable, growing my own food and making
everything that I need to survive (or at least knowing how to do this).
That is why I chose Sustainable Ag. I am also interested in figuring people
out and what makes a person who they are. I want to learn how to think
differently about bigger issues. That is why I am a philosophy minor.
Previously I have just been working on a number of video projects. You
might be familiar with the GMC Jams episodes that have been circulating
around. I have also done a number of sustainability stories and event videos.
This semester I hope to do film more for the school. I hope to
film more sustainability stories and GMC Jams. I hope to see a lot of music
and submit personal video projects for online contests. I hope to learn a
lot and make more friends.
I am now a weekly contributor to this blog, so stay tuned for some mind
blowing content!!


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