Deane’s Nature Preserve Hike

 The first thing I heard when I got to this campus in the fall was “you HAVE to go to the Deane’s.” I had no idea what that meant, but I soon found out and I’ve been hooked on Deane’s since.



Welcome to the first entry of my hiking blog! I will be exploring the area around Green Mountain College and blogging about the hikes I go on, offering insightful information, trail details, options, and including pictures of what you can expect. This is all to make it extremely easy for you to get outside and explore the area in and all around Poultney. Whether you’re a new student here and are looking for nearby places to check out, or you’re a last semester senior looking for motivation to go explore some of your favorite places one last time, I hope you all can take advantage of my blog and find motivation to get outside.


The Draw:

– Some of the best sunsets you’ll ever see.

– Short distance from campus, easily accessible by bike.

– Extensive views of Lake St. Catherine and Adirondacks Mountains (even the High Peaks on a clear day)

– Perfect location to view the Milky Way during the Fall

– Camping platform to sleep on under the stars

– Relatively short trail distances.

– Accessible year-round


Description: Deane’s Nature Preserve is an 85-acre lot on the east side of Lake St. Catherine. Donated to Green Mountain College in 2002 by Bill and Linda Osborne, of Poultney, this land is used by students and the community for education, research, and outdoor experiences. The main attraction, St. Catherine Mountain has absolutely stunning views from the top, with a camping platform big enough for 4 people to sleep on. There are two trails to the top, the Yellow Trail, which is much more gradual but slightly longer, and the Blue Trail, which is quite steep, but much shorter.

To get there: From downtown Poultney, head southwest on Route 30 for 3.75 miles. Turn left onto Endless Brook Rd. Take Endless Brook Rd .8 miles until a parking lot for Deane’s Nature Preserve is on the right. Once parked, walk down the driveway, over the bridge, and to the kiosk. Once there, you can take two trails:

Yellow Trail – about 1.25 miles in length, this trail goes past a peaceful brook, and takes you up a gradual climb to the summit, switchbacking several sections of steeper ground. This trail takes roughly 45 minutes each way.

Blue Trail – about a mile each way, this shorter but steeper climb cuts straight up the mountain, with several rocky section that can be quite slick when wet. This trail take about 30 minutes each way.

Camping: – While there is a platform on top to sleep on, there’s no guarantee that this won’t be already taken, especially in the summer and fall months. There are other packed-down areas around to throw your sleeping pad on, so don’t worry if the main platform is already taken, but please don’t go too far off the path and create a new camping area.

Basic Pack List: for Summer, Early Fall Camping:   *optional

– Trail shoes

– Windpants or Sweatpants

– Warm jacket

– 20-40 degree sleeping bag

– Sleeping pad

– 2-4 liters of water

– Snacks

– Camera*

– Hammock*


Lastly, however you use these trails, please take out what you bring in. This location is a heavily used area but it’s hard to notice this because of how well we’ve been able to pick up after ourselves. Let’s keep this place as clean as possible for endless nights camping under the stars and evenings spent watching the sunset.

Have a suggestion for a hike, or an additional point to include in the post you just read? Email me at – I’d love to talk about trails and tips/advice to include in my posts!





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