Annie’s Top 10 Favorite Places on Campus

Hello Dear Readers of the Rope Swing Blog, 

I’ve been at GMC for three years now, and in my time here I have gotten to know the campus and the surrounding areas pretty well. I’ve hiked, I’ve biked, I’ve teleported (okay, maybe not that one…) to many cool places in and around the GMC campus, and today I am going to share some with you. 


Without further ado, here are “Annie’s Top 10 Favorite Places On and Around Campus”. 

1. Third table back by the window in the dining hall 


This is pretty specific, but this is hands down my favorite table in the dining hall. You want to get more specific, my favorite chair at that table is the one right by the window so I can watch all the hubbub of Chartwells, and have a view of outside. So there it is, my secret is out. More than likely, that’s where you can find me, enjoying Chartwells fare or scrolling through tumblr on my phone. 

2. The Bench on the farm (or where ever the cats are) 


The farm is all around a lovely place to explore, but sitting on the bench by the CSA barn really can’t be beat. It offers a pretty wonderful view of the fields, the poultney river bank, and the hills of New York in distance. On a sunny spring day, it is downright stunning. 

I also like visiting this spot because there is a high chance of seeing the farm cats. There is chicken cat (the black one) and Leewee (the black and white one). Chicken cat is my homegirl, and the bench is kind of our unofficial meet up spot. I hang out there sometimes, and sometimes she decides to grace me with her presence. Oh cats… 


I highly recommend taking a walk over to the farm, checking it out and saying hi to the animals!


3. The tree in the triangle of grass across from the Moses bike rack



During the fall in particular, I like to sit on the grass at the base of this particular tree and do homework. Why I like this precise piece of ground, I don’t know, there’s just something about it. 


4. The desk on the first floor of the library facing the farm


This is so I can look at the farm and cat watch instead of do my work. #oops


5. This place on the wall by Moses


A wonderful place to sit on a sunny fall day. It gets full sun, is really warm and provides a whole new perspective to watch the happenings of campus. This is a great place to drink tea and read a book; I did this quite a bit this past fall and it was really lovely. Highly recommend. 


6. The couch by the front window of the co-op


Okay, so this one is not technically on campus, but it is close enough that I am counting it on this list. Here’s a fun fact about me: I love coffee. Here’s another fun fact: I love going to the co-op to get coffee. Therefore, I often go to the co-op, get a coffee, and sit on the couch there to do homework or just hang out. The music playing in there is always good (creds to the co-op employees) and the big picture window allows for ample views of the happenings of main street. So if you too like coffee and hanging out at a place that makes you feel like you’re a cool trendy adult that does their work in coffee shops, I recommend hitting up the co-op. 


7. This Spot by the Poultney River


One of my favorite things to do in my free time is explore along the river, on both the Vermont and the New York side. I’ve found a lot of delightful little places in my explorations of that whole area, but this one in particular is a place I visit time and time again. The river bends at this spot, and there are some magnificent pines perched along the New York side. The whole scene is very beautiful and the place is always changing with the seasons. If you visit, I recommend you bring a camera, if that’s your thing.  


8. The Picnic table by the farm house or Farmhouse porch


Seriously either one of those places is a great place to hang out and relax. Fall, winter, spring, you name it, this is a wonderful and relaxing place to be. It’s a place where you can sit and pretend that you’re not at college, you’re just living it up on your homestead. 


9. My friend Sam’s room



Sam is the bees knees and her room has a very homey feel. It is a great place to just hang out, relax, and listen to her extensive record collection. Also, I can listen to Taylor Swift in there with no judgement. Oops, secret is out, I am a Swiftie (what, woah, who said that?)


10.  My Room

 DSC_1638 copy

Because its pretty dope and it’s where the internet is the fastest. 

Well there we go; my top ten favorite places on and around the GMC campus. I hope this was enlightening for you all and that it inspires you to further explore this place we live and work. 


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