On Wednesday morning, students in Eleanor Tison’s Images of Nature and Culture class participated in a volunteer opportunity at Clark Farm. Gleaning is an initiative taking place all over the United States that takes advantage of leftover produce from farms and farmers markets. The produce is collected by volunteers and distributed to local coops and … More Gleaning!

Five Things No One Tells You About the Wilderness Challenge

Wait— I’m not trying to sell you anything. And while I’m especially not trying to sell you the Wilderness Challenge, I also promise not whip out any Girl Scout cookies or balmy Caribbean timeshares.   After all, if you already went on the Wilderness Challenge, you don’t need me to tell you how sunshine skims … More Five Things No One Tells You About the Wilderness Challenge


There is something magical about getting in a van with a bunch of other people that you really don’t know that well to go to an event that you all have a stake in. I jumped into a van for a two hour ride to Burlington, for the city’s LGBT Pride Event, and after a … More Pride

Trip to Montreal

A little less than a month ago six students including two GreenMAP leaders sought to adventure to our neighboring Canada, specifically Montreal, to explore. I’m sure the first thing you would ask is “What is there to explore in a city like Montreal?” and the answer I have for that is everything. Students climbed Mont … More Trip to Montreal