There is something magical about getting in a van with a bunch of other people that you really don’t know that well to go to an event that you all have a stake in. I jumped into a van for a two hour ride to Burlington, for the city’s LGBT Pride Event, and after a parade and many hours of exploring and enjoy the lovely city of Burlington, I was back in the van, on my way to two different meetings.

The day was cold, but there were rainbows everywhere. There were all kinds of people wearing rainbows, and other assortments of colors that represent different sexualities. I felt at home.


When we finally assembled on Church Street, all in different groups, I felt nervous. Would this Pride be everything I dreamed it would be?

It was and it wasn’t. I loved watching the Old Lesbians and the Roller Derby team, and all of the people from different houses of faith holding signs affirming what I had always known to be true, that we are all, Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, valid. Sometimes it’s nice to be affirmed. I didn’t talk to a lot of the other people in the van, but I know that we were all excited for the opportunity to have a safe and guaranteed way to get home.

I was able to get money from Student Senate so nobody in the van had to pay for gas. We were all able to experience a part of our culture with support from the school, and like the people marching in the parade, it felt like Senate was validating us, the LGBT kids on campus.

All I can do is say thanks.


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