InterCultural Center/Club (ICC)

InterCultural Club is a group of students who come from different countries and have different backgrounds. We bring diversity to the Green Mountain campus by accepting everyone as they are, no matter what color, gender, race, sexuality, religions, and backgrounds they have. InterCultural Club is like a family. We eat, watch movie during the weekend, cook, hang out, and even teach language lessons to GMC students. ICC welcomes every student on campus.

ICC hosts different school events over the year, such as Sushi Night, language lessons, Global Bazaar, etc. You also can meet some cool people who come from a small town in a rural country.

Sushi Night is a fundraising event for the club, which we brought the ingredients locally and made sushi by ourselves. The sushi is fresh and tasty. Plus, it has both meat and veggie options to choose from. It was started from 9 P.M., until 12 P.M. Some of the students haven’t try sushi before or don’t know how to make sushi, eventually, sushi night became a night for them to learn about other cultures and make sushi together. How fun!!!

Next time, if you are interested in helping these events like Sushi Night, or simply just want to learn more about other cultures, drop by every Thursday night at 7:30 in the ICC room, which is at the Withey basement, next to resident life office. We’ll have meeting which we will discuss upcoming fun events. There is also tea in the ICC room. Feel free to join us.

Teamwork makes the dream works.


Haipeng is concentrating on his roll of sushi.
Jada is making sure that all the sushi we sell to students are PERFECT!


Happy altogether while making sushi!
Naing is making the best crab sushi that he could ever make in his life.
Club member, Hseng, is adding soy sauce flavor to the sushi.
Vegetable sushi!
Students are preparing sushi with love.

Thank you!

PC: Adrain Torres

For more information, go to


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