Prom Night

This year’s fall prom was sponsoring by Residential Life, the Campus Programming Board and Student Senate in Green Mountain College (GMC).

It was 50* outside, 20 to 30 college students dressed up, holding their partners or friends’ hands, and dancing in the light at the Bogue Movement Studio, starting from 9:00 until midnight. People dressed up in dress, others dressed casually in shirt and pant, I dressed up like a country girl in long skirt and a vest. After prom, there were also fun activities that students involved for the vibe of HALLOWEEN.

The DJ played a lot of cool music, including “Turn down for What”, “Lush Life”, “Boomerang”, “Thrift Shop”, and “Wiggle.” Some people wanted a special kind of music, then they would talk to the DJ and he would play it out. I don’t know any of these songs, until when I heard Lean On, I felt instantly awake from the previous songs.

This is my first time ever been to a prom. I liked how we had prom until midnight, if people want to hang out more, they could go to the after-prom activity, which is great. My friend and I danced in the front; near the DJ, so the music was really loud and it blew my ear out. After we went back to our room, my ear was not working well. It looked like I did not clean my ear well after I swim. But certainly it was not a big problem. After a while, my hearing came back, like normal. I also like how the prom was set. The prom was inside a studio, beverages like water and Gatorade were outside the studio, no alcohol drinks allowed during the prom. This made me feel safe because traditional prom has alcoholic beverages. Compared to other types of parties that I have been to, this prom was really smaller scale because not much people come and it was in a small liberal college, everything is in closed, tight relationship.

I left one hour earlier because I was so tired that I didn’t have any more energy to dance. Of course, that night, I had a really good night sleep. Prom is a socialize event that can help students release stress after weeks of school work and classes. Everyone included me had a fun and crazy Saturday night.

With shoes or without shoes, it doesn’t matter. Take a chance and shake your butt off.
GMC’s students and DJ were enjoying in the GMC 2016 Fall Prom on Saturday night at the Bogue Movement Studio.
Group hugging and dancing make them feel warm.
Shake it off, off, shake it off…
Lady with a red lip.



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