Creative Wellness Weekend

The wellness weekend is one of the most purposeful weekends that I have ever spent at Green Mountain College. Two days of Wellness week started from noon until 4 p.m., on November 19th and 20th. It was a delicate balance project hosted by senior Sophia Milkowski partnered with the wellness center in order to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles by presenting workshops from professional practitioners. There were also vendors selling herbs and beauty products. With the help of Sophia’s fellow peers, who taught students about health lessons, the event was very successful. There were many workshops including massage, reiki, yoga, allergen-free cooking, kombucha making, lip balm and soap making, and group discussion on skin care and menstrual health.

First, I attended the massage workshop at the Chapel taught by Rebecca Ruplin, an experienced holistic healer as well as a GMC alumnus. Rebecca studied at a massage school and is certified in reiki and massage practices. She has a pair of soft hands which are excellent for massage. Rebecca massaged every student who wanted to try a feel of massage or reiki. I felt relaxed and loosened up after she massaged my hands and arms, by rubbing them with herbal oil. If you didn’t get a chance to come to her massage workshop during the wellness weekend, make sure you set up a time with her to do a massage or reiki. She gives out a pretty low discount to students. She does not only know how to massage, she also makes her own salve, lotion, massage oil, and tincture using natural herbs that she grows at Vermont Hydroponic, an organization where she works.

Next, I attended the tea & tincture workshop hosted at the farmhouse by Rebecca. She explained that by using natural herbs, we can care for our body and improve common problems such as colds. Afterward, she showed us how to make tea by selecting mint, chamomile, and sage herbs for digestion and sleep purposes. Each of us had a sip of the fragrance tea which made by Rebecca before we fell into the concentration of making our own jar of herbal tea. I also made a small jar of tincture for myself. This was my first time learning about tincture and the use of it. The workshop was really helpful and increased my knowledge of health care and herbalism.

Several students said that it will be really wonderful if there was a wellness weekend at our school every month or every semester, if not every year, so we can enjoy, learn, and buy healthy beauty products. Wellness Weekend has the potential to become one of the GMC traditions.

The wellness weekend benefits the whole GMC community on serving staff, students, and faculties. It helped us all have a relaxing weekend in the middle of the busy school year.

Thank you for hosting this remarkable wellness event.

Give a big shout-out to Sophia Milkowski, Hope Aguilera, Helena Wu, Dominic Wright, Rebecca Ruplin, Nagera Pemberton, Carleen Brandon, Katie Best, Bug Schilling, and Erica Siclari, and our lovely wellness center. Thank you for your work.


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