Wonderful events in GMC!

Zero Wasting Workshop of 2016

This workshop managed by the Sustainability office taught students about the mission of living a zero waste lifestyle. In order to live a zero waste lifestyle, we need to reduce our impact on earth. First, there are some free cookies which students made with leftover apples from apple cider making, which already minimizes our food waste. There was also free apple cider vinegar in a mason jar that students not only can eat and drink, they also learned many ways to minimize their footprint. Students can take a free reusable cloth towel on the table; learn how to buy bulk instead of buying industrial packaging and transfer to zero waste hygiene products. Many students also made their own dorm room compost and recycling bin in a cool and artsy way. Paints and brushes are all provided during the workshop.  Do It Yourself (DIY) is the coolest way to lessen your environmental impact. Everything from the workshop is organized and facilitated by Green Mountain College (GMC) students and staff.

This zero wasting workshop is really helpful and fun to go to because you got to eat free food, get free decoration for your room, and it is fun to hang out with amazing people who try to save the earth.


Time for some ART!

Unwind Art Time is a quiet space provided to you to work on any art projects that you want to work with. Also, Becca the girl who organized this art time can give you some ideas on what crafts you want to make. Last time, when I got there, I was freezing cold. But the room filled with colorful paints and warm fire made me feel instantly warmer. I worked on an art project that came into my mind when I looked at the tree branch, so I decided to make it. It was a little tree branch with a greenhouse on top. I also painted and glued snow with cottons and white paint. As I sat at the conference room of Richardson house, I felt calm and relaxed. I had always wanted to find a space like this where I can continue my painting that I left since the beginning of the school year. Everything just goes so fast, I didn’t even have time to stop and paint. If you don’t have work to do or you simply want a rest from your homework and project, I encourage you to attend once every week’s Unwind Art Time, Thursday, from 6 to 9 p.m., at Richardson conference room. You can stop by just to have fun or you can bring your unfinished art piece there to finish it up. It will be a really fun time to make any Christmas decoration if you like crafts.


Swimming Time

Winter shouldn’t be the reason for you to stop working out. Swimming is one of the healthiest exercises that could keep you mentally and physically strong. You don’t need to be scared of the cold because our campus indoor swimming pool has warm water temperature which will give you a nice space for you to hang out with your friends. Practice your swimming skills, play water volleyball, or just swim casually, no problem; you can try these all at once. The swimming pool is always a place for me to exercise without the need of exercising outdoor, consider the cold. The swimming pool hour is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 8-10 in the morning and 3-5 in the afternoon.


Language workshop

Want to learn some basic conversation in foreign language? Then you should definitely come to the Language workshop hosted by members of InterCultural Club (ICC). There will be cultural food provided and all materials are included. Last week was the Chinese language workshop, where Chinese students made their cultural food and taught people some basic, useful Chinese conversation sentences. Besides food and learning, there is also music. You may also learn the cultural dance as well. Next language workshop will be on Persian. It will be in January, 2017 at the Gorge. Specific time has not been determined yet. Keep an eye on the posts around campus. See you there.

PC: Naing Aung


How you eat is important!

Food & Mood workshop is a wellness event organized by students who are taking the Biodiversity Issues Agricultural: Food & Diet class lecture by Professor Robin Currey. Students chose a certain food system topic and present it to the GMC community in the last two weeks. Students cook different kinds of nutritional food, as we were eating it, we also learned how to keep track our daily nutritional intake. I went to all five workshops and I can say that they were really educational workshops. The foods were really delicious; surprisingly they were all prepared by the students. After all five workshops, I learned that I should combine certain food in my diet as well as have a diverse food diet to make sure I consume enough energy for the day to avoid certain health problems including anemia. Colorful food diet is better than having two types of food in the same color because colors often define nutrition. Students interested in learning more about food diet in the world can take this class next year with Robin Currey.

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