Global Bazaar

Last Saturday, March 18th, the InterCultural Club (ICC) at Green Mountain College presented to the community their annual Global Bazaar. Traditionally for the Global Bazaar, international students prepare a variety of foods from their countries and invite students, staff and community members to participate. The event took place in the East Room, on campus, from 8pm to 9:30pm. Thanh Nguyen, a senior international student from Vietnam, has participated in the Global Bazaar every year, and she did not want to miss her last opportunity to share a typical dish from her hometown with the college and community. Thanh claims that “the Global Bazaar is a great annual event where we invite everyone to join, and enjoy from the different culture and diversity that international students, like me, have to offer to GMC and Poultney.”

In this event, some international students that prepare a dish also wear traditional clothes and share music from their countries. Those who attend learn about other countries gastronomy, music and culture, while also having fun. Thanh’s dish this year was called Gỏi cuốn, and she described it as a “Vietnamese wrap with shrimp, pineapple, lettuce and onion.” According to different ICC members, they got positive feedback from students about their dishes, and also about the event. Overall, this year’s event had the participation of thirteen ICC members, from nine different countries; Japan, Spain, China, France, Vietnam, Burma-Shan State, Burma, Thailand and the United States. “A lot of people came, making the event a successful one. They were enjoying the food and listening to the music from other countries with great company,” are some Thanh’s thoughts about the event night.

As a senior student who has experienced four Global Bazaars at Green Mountain College, Thanh thinks that this event “is important because it provides an opportunity for American students and international students to interact with each other in a joyful atmosphere.” She says that the Global Bazaar is an event that should continue in the future, because it “helps make international students feel that they are appreciated in this community; where they can raise a voice and can contribute to the diversity by their culture and traditions.” Thanh got a really good impression from her last Global Bazaar at Green Mountain College, and she says it is something she will miss from the college. She thinks that in future occasions, this event should be more advertised for the Poultney community, and not only for the Green Mountain College community. Thanh says that “this event is a chance for the college to introduce culture diversity from other countries to the community, to let them know that Poultney is not only a town with national citizens, but also a town that have people from other countries as a neighbours.” Every year, the ICC club encourages students at Green Mountain College and the Poultney community to join their events and activities, from which you can learn the importance of diversity and understand the world from other cultural perspectives.

If you want to know more about the InterCultural Club (ICC) and its upcoming events, you can visit its Facebook page or send an email to 

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