The Foreigner

On April 6th, 7th, and 8th, after a month of rehearsal, scene setting, and production, a group of Green Mountain College theater program students presented a play called The Foreigner. It is an American two-act comedy written by Larry Shue. . The show attracted many people from GMC and the Poultney community.

The Foreigner is a funny and well-written play. The set was designed by the GMC set designer and technical director Ben Jankowski, and students helped to build it and paint it. The play was chosen, cast and directed by Paula Mann, the Associate Professor
of Theatre at GMC. Christopher (Moose) Baughman, a sophomore at Green Mountain
College, took the main character, Charlie, who is an anxious, white, British 
foreigner who came to Georgia and met a group of new people while he stayed at a resort lodge. Mose highlighted that it was a new experience for him to be a foreigner who doesn’t speak English, but he got lots of supports from peers and from the play director. During the preparation of the play, all students were really energetic and showed how ready they are to play their characters, roles in the play.

“After delving into the character, seeing his art and growth throughout the play, it helps me gain this perspective that anyone can carry this anxiety. They all have different personalities beyond that anxiety,” said Moose. Each character has his or her own unique characteristics, which can be fascinating and attractive. The most exciting moment for the audiences is to see how the characters change throughout the play. Moose concluded that the, “GMC theater program is a good community of people, but I would also like to see more people get involved in the program. It could be a bigger or more well-funded community. Overall, I am really thankful working with all of the actors and faculty in the program.”

Isabella (Bella) Fearn is a highly enthusiastic and positive student, majoring in Adventure Education, who loves theater and enjoys being on stage. She played Ellard Simm in the play, which is a 16 year-old boy who is being excluded by the family. “Being a little boy in the play, to be able to show that growing character is a challenge for me, but Ellard’s character is the best, and I am still in love with that character now,” said Bella happily. Being an actor can be fun when you try to act someone else for a day. It is a great experience to be out there and grabs the attention of your audience.

“It is very fun and challenging. Not all people actually understand how challenging it can be; memorizing the lines, being present and knowing the roles of theater: knowing how to stand, how to act, how to completely be in character. Most of acting is listening to people and reacting to what they have to say. People also don’t know how fun it can be in theater. Once you catch the theater bug, you are doing it for the rest of your life,” said Bella confidently. The GMC theater program is open for all students who want to participate and are interested in theater production, art, music, or just being on stage. All the plays that the program prepares throughout the year are offered not only to student audiences, but for to the community as well. GMC always welcomes all members from the community to join the students to see the great work that the theater program has to offer.

If you want to be sure not to miss any upcoming plays, click this link to see what is coming in the next weeks in the Ackley Theater at Green Mountain College.

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