Earth Fair

Last Wednesday April 12th took place the 10th Annual Poultney Earth Fair in the Poultney High School, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. This annual tradition draws hundreds of people from the local region to celebrate the environment and community, by learning about topics of progress and education in the town. This year’s theme, chosen by the Poultney High School, was “Roots of the Past, Seeds for the Future,” and began with a parade starting from Green Mountain College with excited marches, banners, drumming, music, paper mache figures and dancing. Throughout the year, the Poultney High School prepares projects that they will present in the Earth Fair, projects that have importance among teachers and students, because they want to share with the community what they have been working on and what they believe in. Nate Steinrueck, who works in the Renewable Energy and Ecological Design program (REED) at Green Mountain College, helped to organize this year’s Earth Fair. Steinrueck describes the Earth Fair as a “community celebration where people get together and celebrate the earth.” With over 65 exhibitors, all come together to exhibit and try to find ways to tackle some of the issues that the Poultney community has with sustainability. The objective of the exhibitors in the fair is not to change people’s behaviors, but rather to “inspire people to make more healthy and beneficial choices in their lives” according to Nate.

The Earth Fair is a great opportunity because it brings people from all walks of life, it brings together children, college students, high school students, as well as community members, all of them to get together as a community. This event helps to improve connections between the different communities in Poultney, by learning new things from each other at the same time they are having fun. The Earth Fair is a three hour long event, but Nate thinks that “from these three hours, if anyone comes for only ten minutes, he or she can find something inspiring from the exhibitions that can apply later in their lives to make a change.” The Earth Fair is a great opportunity for community members to get inspiration and be encouraged to apply something they just learned from the exhibitions, such as looking to the presentations that are going on or just talking to people from different organizations.

This event is a great opportunity that only happens once a year, where you can meet people who will explain something new to you. There is free pizza, games and activities going on, animals in which you can interact with, and a bunch of other different activities and exhibitors from which you can go to and be a part of. A lot of people are involved to make this event happen, spending a lot of time in their projects that they exhibit for only three hours. The Earth Fair is an event that people should be part of, it is a really good way to get to know community members, to learn something new from them, and to experience Poultney from a different perspective.

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