Chartwells Hacks

Everyone knows that college cafeteria can be a bit boring sometime because the food can be the same for a week. In order to enjoy the food and obtain energy for the day, YOU need to Do It Yourself (DIY). Since Chartwell has so many different kinds of food, you don’t need to follow the rules. Simply just create your own rules.

Below is a list of Chartwell hacks for students to create their own unique, yummy, and healthy foods, snacks, and drink. Some of them are inspired by talented Green Mountain College students. There are many different types of food including vegan and Burmese food. They are really simple to make. I hope you enjoy this list of DIY Chartwells Hacks and encourage you to be creative when choosing and making your own food in a buffet style cafeteria. Don’t let bad food get you down.

For more information:

(VEGAN Peanut butter raisin celery) -Alison Stewart 20’


Ingredients: Celery, raisins, peanut butter, oats, cinnamon/ cinnamon sugar (optional)

PS: Even if you are not a peanut butter guy, this Vegan Peanut butter raisin celery will make you fall in love with peanut butter, forever.



Ingredients: 1-2 tea bags, half and half or milk, sugar and honey (optional).

Ice Cream Waffles


Ingredients: waffle, ice cream, chocolate/maple syrup, banana/ any other fruits (optional).



Ingredients: chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper. (optional) sunflower seeds.

-Put chopped tomatoes onto baked bread. There are usually two kinds of bread in Chartwells. Choose your flavor and toast it in the toaster. 🙂

Shirley Temple


Half cup fills with ginger ale, the other half with orange juice and cranberry juice.

Thai chicken sauce


Ingredients: Peanut butter, mustard, and Sriracha.

Salad bar


Panini Press


Ingredients: basically with any food you can find in the dining hall.

Cheese, ham, beans, veggies.

Bread choice: taco skin, bread, toast, or any bread you like to cover the stuffings.

Burmese social snack


Ingredients: 1 slice of bread, 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream, and milk.

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