Friends by Krista Shugart

I came to Green Mountain College in August not knowing one person. I liked it that way though, I was glad that I was the only kid from Sparta to go to Green Mountain College! Since August though I feel I am now part of a family here. Friends that have become family. We have been through a lot together, and I really trust my close group of friends. We work with one another, have similar interests and can talk about certain topics for hours with one another. We also have different interests and learn from one another. We have laughed, cried, supported and comforted one another.

Last night five friends came over and we were all doing homework together. It feels so nice to be surrounded by friends that you love! I really love Green Mountain College because here is where I met all of these wonderful and beautiful people that I am so lucky to have as friends!

Next year I will not be the only Sparta student at GMC! My good friend from high school, Jess, is transferring here from Rider and will be studying sustainable agriculture. One or two seniors at Sparta High School will be attending GMC too. I am particually glad that Jess will be coming here because we have known each other for years, so it will be nice to have that support system for each other.

Green Mountain College is a great place to meet friends that you will have for for a lifetime ❤



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