Give Thanks…and Take Responsibility

How ironic it is that the day after millions of people come together to share and give thanks for what they already have and are blessed with…they rush to all kinds of department stores and overindulge/consume on items that aren’t necessarily necessities. 

I’m no consumer police or anything; I just think it’s nice to be a little bit self-reflective on where money is spent. “They” say it rules the world; well then we should be careful with it, right? Tens of thousands of PEOPLE are exploited and mistreated for the prophit of the selfish…I challenge everyone during the holidays to not only give thanks, but to give your conscientiousness.

Through the UNICEF conference I attended in D.C. this semester with International Awareness Club @ GMC, I was made too aware to neglect what is right.

When you purchase, you vote. Vote no to the continuation of human exploitation, and HEY…environmental exploitation as well.

How many slaves work for you? Visit and find out. (there is an app available on iphones…you can scan an item while shopping and find out of it has an ethical footprint). 



-Haley Tripoli


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