How I Spent Thanksgiving

I traveled with my family to New York City to watch the Macy’s Parade.  The hard part was waking up at 3:15 AM in order to beat traffic.  Plus standing for about an hour and a half before anything started.  Apart from the parade, which I enjoyed very much, my highlight came from meeting a professional athlete.  This athlete was a pitcher for the Pitsburgh Pirates in 1971 when the team won the world series.  The part that caught my attention was how open he was to talking about experience to a complete stranger.  The athlete was there with his whole family including his children and grandchildren.  

 The video below gives a taste of the parade.

The few GMC students I have spoken to had remarkable stories about how they spent their days off.  If you had a great experience or memorable time please tell us.  

“Stories are for joining the past to the future. Stories are for those late hours in the night when you can’t remember how you got from where you were to where you are. Stories ar for eternity, when memory is erased, when there is nothing to remember except the story.” ~Tim O’Brien

Written by: Andrew O’Neill


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